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Canine Welsh Cakes


Our Welsh Cakes are great for your dog to enjoy whilst you are having a nice cup of tea and a biscuit.

We have replaced sultanas for cranberries in this bake. There are no eggs or cow’s milk used. Substituting eggs with peanut butter, flour, added some cranberry juice and a splash of plant milk for good measure. Cranberries if you didn’t know are great for improving your dog’s bladder health, reducing tartar on your dogs teeth and can assist with fighting off general bacteria they pick up.

These little beauties can be ordered all year round.

75p each or 6 for £4.50.

They store well for a week in a tin as they are baked fresh. Or you can pop them into your freezer and defrosted when required.


Chamomile Biscuits


Chamomile can ease nervousness in your dog and aid sleep. It is a soothing herb and can also support a troubled tummy and your dog’s overall health.

Cleavers Biscuits


Cleavers offers a complete detox of your dogs internal system for the forthcoming season and assists with the flushing of metabolic waste from your dogs lymphatic system.

Fennel Biscuits


This herb is great for your dog’s digestion and assists with expelling flatulence. It is also a good general health product. A big win when added to your dog’s usual meal.

Golden Paste Biscuits


Our golden paste biscuits contain a high pencentage of curcumin (4.80%). These biscuits are great to support a number of health conditions that may be affecting your dog. The bake includes our trade mark peanut butter and spelt bread flour (ancient grains). These biscuits can be dry stored whilst travelling (instead of you having to worry about storing your golden paste in the fridge).

So now they say the proof is in the pudding or in the bake.

Hope your dog’s like them….

25p each or 6 for £1.80


Parsley Biscuits


Parsley is extremely rich in minerals and offers support with your dog’s bladder and kidney health and assists with freshen their breath.

Peanut Butter Biscuits


Peanut butter treats smelt delicious coming out of the oven. Did you know in moderation and not to replace your dogs regular food, peanut butter actually provides a high source of protein and healthy fat for your dog. FREE from all preservatives and can be stored in an air tight jar or frozen and defrosted as required.

Baked with ❤️ love ❤️ for your canine family.


50p each or 6 for £3.00


Rosemary Biscuits


Rosemary not only smells but tastes great to your dog. It is a herb with many health benefits and is known for supporting hair growth and adding a healthy shine to your dog’s coat.

Sage Biscuits


Sage is a great herb that does benefit dogs of all ages. It assists with their general digestion and is loaded with antioxidants that can aid your dogs natural defences.