Welcome to Hudson's Garden!

So here’s the story I’m a mad crazy dog lady that owns a pack of Siberian Huskies in Cheshire.

We were staying at Sherwood Castle, Nottinghamshire a few years ago and the dogs were going absolutely mad crazy munching on fresh growing cleavers (known commonly as sticky bud). It’s a wild herb you will find growing in most hedgerows in the UK. It got us thinking how did our dogs, know this herb was good for them? I later learnt after some research that cleavers completely cleansers the dog’s internal systems, detoxes their bodies preparing them for the changes in the coming season.

So where did the baking come in?

We had been baking biscuits for the dogs for a while at home and found it to be both therapeutic and creative. Our dogs seemed to love the bakes and the recipes and kept looking for more fresh treats in our pockets.

A number of people have helped us with encouraging words and actions in developing the business. Helen Homer for example encouraging us to trust our instincts, Denise Chiltern helped Pauline through the darkest times during her absence from work and helped her discover her mojo again, Lee Richardson her counsellor built up her self belief and confidence in herself, Saffron Sparkles was always at the end of the phone reassuring Pauline to keep moving things forward, Kate Semple for her help in developing the branding for the business and Gareth Hughes for developing the website (Pauline so loved collaborating with this pair), Mark Moran/Blush for the gorgeous letter press business cards, Andy Garside for allowing her to use his photography on the website and Sophie McKeand for her belief in what Pauline was trying to do, Lea and James Kendal/Woodland Classroom for their inspirational workshops in the great outdoors, Judith Alexander and John McClenaghen two of her creative friends for their continued friendship and support.

Seriously without all of these people Hudson’s Garden would never have got this far.


The business is one that involves dogs at the core of ever thing that it does. Pauline is so passionate about them and so no surprises they have become a significant part of her life. As for the baking well it just naturally moved to the next step and she started to include herbal ingredients like the dried cleavers as her boy Hudson loved munching on them so much in the local hedgerows.

The business is aptly named after Pauline’s dog Hudson. Who had undergone some serious surgery for a malignant splenic tumour diagnosed earlier last year. Whilst his operation was successful it didn’t gain him much in the way of time with his two or four legged family. Sadly he passed away at home only a few weeks later which totally broke Pauline’s heart. It is fair to say he is very much missed by the pack and his beautiful litter of puppies.

Hudson’s Garden was born on the 1st May, 2019.