What’s different about our products?

We believe that Hudson’s Garden is simply the best complementary treat you can give to your dog. We use only the best human grade ingredients with a sprinkling of fresh herbs and all our products are made with love.  They are a natural complementary treat and are not sold as medicinal products. We are herbalists and not able to advise you as to which herbs are known to support particular conditions that may be affecting your dog. Hudson’s Garden cannot diagnose, treat, or cure a disease your dog may be suffering. Adding these complementary treats, to your dog’s usual diet will benefit their general health and well being.

What type of nutritional research have you done on your range of foods?

All of our complementary treats have been developed working with knowledgeable herbalist’s, forager’s and bakers to determine the best nutritional value for each of our product in relation to your dog’s health.

Where is your food made?

Our food is baked here in UK at NowFood Centre/Business Growth, Chester. Where we have access to a commercial kitchen where we can prepare your orders.

What are considered natural ingredients?

Natural ingredients are just what they say natural. All of our ingredients are human grade including our fresh herbs, these are essential to our recipes to ensure our bakes are nutritionally balanced to support your dog’s needs.

How long can I store the products?

All our products are freshly baked for you and your dog. They are best used within 7-14 days of receiving your order and it is important to store them in an air tight container. Without being stored correctly you will reduce the shelf life of your products. We cannot be held responsible if they start to deteriorate and break down if you keep them longer than 4 weeks. Our products can also be frozen in air tight containers, taken out and defrosted as required for your dog.


Is our packaging recyclable?

The environment is first in everything we do. We realised as far back as 1996 that using plastic as a material in packaging was going to become a world concern. The planet is first and foremost in every decision we make in relation to the business, it’s values and it’s ethics.

So no surprises here that all of Hudson’s Garden packaging can be full recycled using fully compostable materials. These materials can put them directly onto your own compost heap or disposed of in your usual recycling collection at home. We also only use water/vegetable based inks in the printing of our labels which also minimises waste and toxicity in the environment.

Who has tested your pet foods?

All our supplements are tested in the laboratories at NowFood, Chester for shelf life, food safety and to check their nutritional values. Once we are happy with our unique recipes, they are given the final test by taste testing in feeding trails with a select group of dogs belonging to our friends and people we have met through social media throughout the UK.

Only after extensive testing, do we launch a new product onto our website which receives the Hudson’s Garden heart of approval.

How do I introduce my dog to your supplements?

All our products are completely natural and so do not need to be introduced to your dog gradually. They can be dropped straight into your dog’s usual bowl of food or be given as a treat. We would suggest with all feeding related activities that a clean bowl of water  is always made readily available for them.